Special Courses

Computational literature search
Course code: GYTKKA 781
Teacher: Dr. Zsolt Szakonyi

1. Aim of the subject
The aim of the subject is to introduce students into the methods of computational literature search: how to use the most important computational data bases available on the internet. During the semester, students get practice on using data bases, how to search for scientific information for their student research activity and diplom work. They also study, how they can organise and use the downloaded data.

2. Requirements
Semaphors (subjects): organic chemistry, physiology

3. Prescribed outside practice: no

4. The main matter of the lectures
Introduction. Main point of view of literature searching. Structure of computational data bases. Introduction and practical use of Beilstein, Chemical Abstracts (SciFinder), Web of Science and Current Contents.


Usage of graphical part of searching programmes. Getting practice on handling Chemical Abstract, Current Contents, Medline and Web of Science. Looking up citations, handling of the data resulted and files. Downloading end transforming of scientic publications via internet.


6. Valuation during the semester: no.
Valuation at the end of the semester: students have to look for citations by Medline and Web of Science. Downloading data and send through internet.

7. Methods for quality assurance of the subject
Updating of programmes are available on the internet. Continuous monitoring of data bases and scientific computational literature search: possibilities and journals.